Joshua Schulte, a former programmer with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has been found guilty of leaking a trove of classified hacking tools and exploits dubbed Vault 7 to WikiLeaks.

美国中央情报局 (CIA) 的前程序员约书亚·舒尔特 (Joshua Schulte) 被判有罪,因向维基解密泄露了大量机密的黑客工具及被称为“Vault 7”的EXP。

The 33-year-old engineer had been charged in June 2018 with unauthorized disclosure of classified information and theft of classified material. Schulte also faces a separate trial on charges related to possession of child pornographic photos and videos, for which he was arrested on August 24, 2017.

这位 33 岁的工程师于 2018 年 6 月,被指控未经授权泄露机密信息,盗窃机密资料。舒尔特还因持有儿童色情照片和视频的指控,而面临单独的审判,他已于 2017 年 8 月 24 日被捕。

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement that Schulte was convicted for "one of the most brazen and damaging acts of espionage in American history," adding his actions had a "devastating effect on our intelligence community by providing critical intelligence to those who wish to do us harm."


WikiLeaks would go on to release the documents on March 7, 2017, calling it the "largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency." This included an arsenal of "malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized 'zero-day' exploits, malware remote control systems, and associated documentation."


The files, dating from 2013 to 2016, also detailed the agency's ability to compromise cars, smart TVs, web browsers, and widely-used desktop and mobile operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS as part of its overseas spying operations to gather intel.

这些文件的日期从 2013 年到 2016 年,还详细说明了该机构在海外入侵汽车、智能电视、网络浏览器以及广泛使用的桌面和移动操作系统(如 Windows、macOS、Linux、Android 和 iOS)的间谍活动以及情报收集。

At least 91 tools, developed by the Operations Support Branch (OSB) of the elite hacking unit, are said to have been compromised following the leak to the whistleblowing platform.

据称,由精英黑客部门Operations Support Branch (OSB) 开发的至少 91 种工具在泄密到维基平台后遭到破坏。

The Associated Press reported that prosecutors argued Schulte orchestrated the leak as retribution for disrespecting and ignoring his complaints about the work environment. In his closing argument, he claimed that "hundreds of people had access" to the leaked files and that "hundreds of people could have stolen it."


In a fascinating profile about Schulte last month, The New Yorker painted the picture of a disgruntled employee, describing him as "abrasive," "opinionated," and "obstreperous" during his time at the agency until November 2016, when he joined Bloomberg.


Schulte, who has been residing at the Metropolitan Detention Center ahead of the trial, has compared his confinement conditions to a "torture cage" and as something "below that of impoverished persons living in third world countries." He is also said to have converted to Islam, observing a month of daytime fasting during Ramadan.


"Joshua Adam Schulte was a CIA programmer with access to some of the country's most valuable intelligence-gathering cyber tools used to battle terrorist organizations and other malign influences around the globe," Williams said.

“约书亚·亚当·舒尔特(Joshua Adam Schulte)是一名中央情报局(CIA)程序员,可以使用该国一些最有价值的情报收集网络工具,这些工具用于与全球范围内的恐怖组织和其他恶意势力作斗争,”威廉姆斯说。

"When Schulte began to harbor resentment toward the CIA, he covertly collected those tools and provided them to WikiLeaks, making some of our most critical intelligence tools known to the public – and therefore, our adversaries."







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